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Welcome to STN Easy for Intranets
STN Easy for Intranets enables you, the information professional, to create customized sites within your intranet that make STN Easy-accessible databases directly available to users throughout your organization.
STN Easy for Intranets benefits the information professional:With STN Easy for Intranets, you can:
    Easily authenticate STN Easy for Intranets users via their IP address; login Ids and passwords are not needed
     Customize content, appearance, and access to the full text of original documents
    • Databases and categories
    • Colors and fonts
    • User Preferences
    • Corporate links and logos
    Use your expertise to set up and maintain current-awareness alerts (SDIs) in any of the 200+ sci-tech databases on STN and easily deliver the current-awareness alerts results to STN Easy for Intranets users
    Set up and maintain your STN Easy for Intranets site without programming knowledge or Information Technology support
      No software needs to be installedThe STN Easy for Intranets Setup Assistant helps you customize and design your Intranet web page
There is no set up fee to create an STN Easy for Intranets site for your organization. Standard STN Easy charges apply to searches and standard STN charges apply to alerts.

Customization features:An easy-to-use STN Easy for Intranets Setup Assistant guides you through the customizations process. You can customize:

    Colors and fonts
  • Database categories 
    • Create custom database categories 
    • Select existing STN Easy categories
  • User preferences
  • Corporate logos and links
And, you can set up an alert in any of the 200+ SCI-tech databases on STN in either STN, STN on the Web, or STN Express with Discover! and designate that the results be available to your STN Easy for Intranets users.

STN Easy for Intranets allows you to set preferences for your end users. This provides you with the ability to:

  • enable/disable cost displays 
  • enable/disable charge-back codes for individuals, groups, or projects
  • allow end-users access to linked data or enable/disable the extension of your search queries to the Web via eScience 
STN Easy for Intranets also offers options for retrieving full-text documents via the ChemPort Connection! 
The customization of the full-text option is done with the STN Site Administration Tool (SAT).

STN Easy for Intranets: 

  • no programming or HTML knowledge needed 
  • Setup Assistant helps you design your intranet web page 
  • choose your own STN Easy databases 
  • provide current awareness searches to your end-users

Finding scientific information has never been easier!

Just follow these easy steps to set up your 
STN Easy for Intranets Account! 

Copyright 2002 by FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany - Last Update: 
See how it works:
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Alerts (SDI) feature

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