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Search Example: Patents - Search by Patent Assignee Name
Question: How can I monitor the patents of a the Buckeye Cellulose Corp.? What are the most recent patents of this company?
Strategy: Locate the patent information in a database with international coverage, which are found in the "Patents, international" category.
E.g. Derwent World Patents Index (WPINDEX) provides information on patent publications from the 40 most important patent issuing authorities of the world.
Search Strategy
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   Select Search Mode:
STN Easy Search Page
The Search Page is displayed. It offers three different search options: "Easy", "Advanced" and "CAS Number" Search.
To locate patent information, select the "Advanced Search" tab.
The Advanced Search option prompts you to choose the category of databases you wish to search. Click the "Select Your Category" button for the list of categories.
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   Select Databases:
Select database category
An additional browser window is opened. It displays the list of STN Easy database categories.
Select the "Patents, International" category and click the Database Folder icon to see the list of databases included in this category.
De-select all but the WPINDEX file. Then click "OK".
The window closes and the name of the category is displayed next to the
"Select Your Category" button. - You are ready to enter the search terms.
More info about databases
How to choose the appropriate Patent Database Category
   Enter Search Terms:
Enter search terms
Depending on the selected patent database, the Search Page features up to 16 different search-fields (e.g. inventor, patent assignee, patent number, patent classes, publication year, and more) which can be used singly or in combination.
Pick the search-field "Patent Assignee" from the first drop-down box and type the companys name in the associated entry box.
However, companys names may vary considerably e.g. concerning the sequence of the parts of the name or if the article is included or not (Buckeye Cellulose Corp. or The Buckeye Cellulose Corp.?). To ensure to get all spellings of a word, first of all enter only one of the names significant parts in the entry box - e.g Buckeye.
Click the grey "Browse Index"button on the right to confirm that the companys name (or part of the name) you entered is included in the database you have chosen. Browse Index is free and an excellent way to preview your search before you actually pay for it !
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Click the green "Search" button. - Please note: The search fee is displayed below the Search button.
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   1. Answer Page:
Review titles at Answer Page and refine your search
The answer is displayed as a table on the Answer Page. Your search question and total number of answers are shown at the top of the Answer Page as well.
More than 140 records are retrieved in the WPINDEX database!
To narrow the search to only those patent assignees whose name include Cellulose as well, click the blue "Refine Your Search" button. - There is no additional charge to refine your STN Easy search!
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   Refine Page:
Refine your search
The Refine Page is displayed.
Pick the search-field "Patent Assignee" again and enter the term Cellulose.
Click "Search". - Refining is free!
More info about Refining
   2. Answer Page:
Review titles at Answer Page
A precise set of research information from WPINDEX database is located on another Answer Page.
Review the answer titles, and click directly on a title of interest. - The display costs are shown to the right of the answer.
Helpful HINTS: You may also change the "Display Format" and "Display Style" using the selection-boxes at the bottom of the title list.
In order to view records for several answers at once, simply check the boxes next to the appropriate answers and click the "Display Answers" button at the bottom of the page.
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   Display Page:
See detailed record at Display Page
The detailed record of the desired patent is displayed in the selected format and style.
To access the complete patent document, click the green "Full-Text Options" button that appears below the document record.
You are directly taken to the ChemPort Connection.
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   Full Text:
Chemport Connection
Several options are provided at the ChemPort web site, some with no additional charge and some with additional charges. The options available to you are in bright color.
To retrieve the full text of the patent, simply click the "View e-patent" option which is available for the specific patent.
E.g. you are transferred to the Europea Patent Office website - free of additional charge.
More info about STN Easy Full-Text Option
European Patent Office
At the European Patent Office website esp@cenet, click the patent number to retrieve the patent.
Full text
And the full text of the requested patent is displayed - right at your desktop.
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