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Search Example: Federal Register and CFR
Question: What are the federal requirements in the U.S. for child-resistant packaging of household products containing methacrylic acid?
Strategy: An easy way to answer this question is to locate substance information in the "Regulations, Government" category.
Search Strategy
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STN Easy Search Page
The Search Page is displayed. It offers three different search options: "Easy", "Advanced" and "CAS Number" Search.
To find federal regulations, click the "Advanced Search" tab.
The Advanced Search option prompts you to choose the category of databases you wish to search. Click the blue "Select Your Category" button for the list of categories available.
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   Select Databases:
Select database category
An additional browser window is opened. It displays the list of STN Easy database categories.
Select the category "Regulations, Government" and click the Database Folder icon to see the list of databases included in this category.
De-select all but the FEDREGFULL database and click "OK".
The window closes and you are ready to enter the search terms.
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   Enter Search Terms:
Enter search terms
Select the "Word(s)" search field from the first drop down box and enter the key word "methacrylic acid" in the box to the right. The quotation marks ensure that the words are searched as phrases.
Do the same with the key word "child-resistant packaging" in the second row of boxes. Make sure that you have selected the Boolean Operator "AND" in the left selection-box to retrieve only those answers that contain both search terms.
Click the "Add a Search Term" button to display a third row of boxes. Select the search field "Publication Year" and then "1999" to "Current" to retrieve only the most recent regulations published in the Federal Register.
Click the green "Search" button. - Please note the search fee shown below the Search button.
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   Answer page:
Select title at Answer Page
The list of answers is displayed in a table format on the Answer Page.
Your search question and total number of answers are shown at the top of the Answer Page as well.
STN Easy locates 3 records in the FEDREGFULL database.
To see the full text of a record, click directly on its title hyperlink. - You may also view the 3 records at once by marking the corresponding check-boxes and clicking the "Display Answers" button at the bottom ot the page.
Please note the display costs shown to the right of each answer.
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   Display page:
See detailed record at Display Page
Immediately, the full text of the record(s) from the Federal Register is displayed - right at your desktop.
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