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Search Example: CAS Number Lookup
Question: How can I find references for the substance identified by CAS Number
26159-34-2 ?
Strategy: Locating chemical substance information using a CAS Number
is a 2-step prozess:
1. Locate the CAS REGISTRY record for the substance by using the CAS Number option.
2. Select the link to substance information of interest ("crossover search").
Use this strategy as well when you want to verify a CAS Number or identify chemical names or chemical structures associated with a CAS Number.
Search Strategy
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   CAS Number Search:
STN Easy Search Page
The Search Page is displayed. It offers three different search options: "Easy", "Advanced" and "CAS Number" Search.
Select the "CAS Number" tab and type the CAS Number in the entry box.
Click the green "Search" button. - Please note that the search fee is shown below the Search button.
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   1. Answer Page:
Select title at Answer Page
The Answer Page is displayed: STN Easy locates the CAS Number in the CAS REGISTRY database.
Click on the REGISTRY hyperlink to display the detailed record. - You may change the Display Format and Display Style using the selection boxes at the bottom of the title list.
Please note: The display cost is shown to the right of the answer.
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   1. Display Page:
See detailed record at Display Page
The REGISTRY Display Page appears.
It includes the CAS Registry Number and also provides a wealth of additional information about the substance through hyperlinks to other STN databases e.g. patents, chemistry references, chemical catalogs, life science, toxicology, and more.
Click a category name link to search for your substance in that database cluster. The search fee is displayed next to the link. - In STN International, this type of search is called a "crossover search".
To locate chemical substance information, click the "Chemical References" link. You may search for references without any restrictions otherwise you may narrow your search to one or multiple subjects of interest provided in the scrollable list e.g. preparation, purification, reactants and more.
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   2. Answer Page:
Select titles at Answer Page
The list of answers is displayed on another Answer Page.
Review the answers and click a title of interest. - Note the display costs to the right of the answer.
Helpful HINT: In order to view records for several answers at once, simply check the boxes next to the appropriate answers and click the blue "Display Answers" button at the bottom of the page.
   2. Display Page:
Use Full-Text Option at Display Page
Once more, the Display Page shows the record for the title you selected - right at your desktop.
Furthermore, you are free to choose between various options available at Display Page such as full-text order, citation-searching, searching the web, etc.
Notice that for recent answers (1999 forward) from the CAplus database, the first five references are listed at the end of the display. When the cited reference is available in CAplus or Medline, you can click the link to be taken directly to that display for the normal display fee. You avoid the search fees!
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