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Databases on STN International - Your Connection to Science and Technology
Get Connected!Info
STN International connects scientists, engineers and anyone who needs technical information to the world's most complete and authoritative databases.
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Select your preferred STN interface and: 
  • ask questions simply or by using sophisticated search commands
  • identify published research and patents in all scientific fields
  • retrieve original full-text articles and patents on the Web
  • search chemical substance information by structure, name, or CAS Registry Numbers (CAS Number)

Be ConfidentInfo
You can use STN with confidence because the system and the more than 200 databases it brings you are operated by some of the most respected scientific organizations in the world. 

STN Service CentersInfo
to FIZ FIZ Karlsruhe in Europe
to CAS CAS in North America
to JST The Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) in Japan

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