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Navigating STN Interactive Desktop Training Modules


STN Interactive Desktop Training modules contain consistent navigational tools.

Introductory Screen

A splash screen appears followed shortly by an introductory screen with the title of the module and buttons linking to the sections available:

  • Overview
  • How To
  • Skill Test
  • Tips & Tricks

Click a section button to start the training. Click Exit to leave the training.

Main navigation

Within the training modules, section and exit buttons are located across the bottom of the screen. The button corresponding the current section is purple.

Click a section button at any time to go to the beginning of a section. Click Exit to leave the training.

Section navigation

The cursor becomes a hand when placed over a button or "hot text" link. Hot text links are blue, bold, and italic.

Previous and Continue are hot text links that appear above the section buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

  • Previous returns you to the last screen that you were on in the section.
  • Continue takes you to the next screen in a section. In the How To and Tips & Tricks sections, Continue is only available when an action that correlates with an STN Express user action is not available.


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