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Downloading STN Interactive Desktop Training Modules


STN Interactive Desktop Training modules can by downloaded to Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 computers.

Downloading a training module

The download option is a self-extracting file that defaults to the path C:\. A folder called "STN Interactive Training" is placed on the C:\ drive. For each training module that you download, a subfolder is placed in this folder (e.g., "Custom Report"). The subfolder contains an Xtras folder, winapi.u32, winapi.ucd, and an executable training module (e.g., custom.exe).

To start a module:

  1. Open the "STN Interactive Training" folder.
  2. Open the training module subfolder (e.g., "Custom Report")
  3. Double-click the executable training module to start (e.g. custom.exe)

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