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STN Express with Discover!

Using the Discover! Module

Viewing the Discover! options...

STN Express With Discover!

A click of the New Discover! button provides you with options to select a database, search for information, display your answers, create an alert, and more-- all with little or no training! When the "Select a Database" menu item is clicked, a list of the last ten databases you searched is brought up. You can also select from a list of all STN databases.

Using Discover! to search for information...

STN Express With Discover!

In this example, we have entered the CAplus database, clicked on the Discover! button, and have selected the "Search" option to locate an author. You can also search by corporate source, chemical name, general subject (key words), for patent information, and more.

Using Discover! to find chemical substance information...

STN Express With Discover!

Searching for chemical substance information is easy with Discover!. In this example, we have located a CAS Registry Number in the PROMT database. By highlighting the "CAS Registry Number" (RN), you can "right-click" your mouse button to bring up a menu to find chemical suppliers, regulatory information, property data-- you can even locate available spectral data!

Finding and viewing chemical information...

STN Express With Discover!

In this example, we have clicked on the "infrared spectrum" menu item. STN Easy automatically crosses to the SPECINFO database and retrieves the appropriate spectral data for the substance! Finding scientific information has never been easier!