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Производитель:       Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), U.S.A.
Временной охват:     1957 - настоящее время
Объём:               более 41 692 120 документов (8/2002)
Обновление:          еженедельно
Тип:                 структурная
Тематика:            химические вещества
Язык:                английский
CASRNs:              да
ZREGISTRY has zero connect hour pricing. The ZREGISTRY File is a chemical structure and dictionary database containing unique substance records identified by the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry System. Records contain CAS Registry Numbers, CA index names, commonly used synonyms, polymer class terms, structure diagrams. These include substances cited in CA, CAOLD, and CAplus files, and special registrations, for example, registrations for regulatory lists such as TSCA and EINECS.
All substance records contain a unique CAS synonyms, molecular formulas, alloy composition tables, classes for polymers, nucleic acid and protein sequences, ring analysis data, and structure diagrams, all of which are searchable and displayable. Nucleic acid sequences from GenBank (R) (registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) are also included. Also displayable in the ZREGISTRY File are the 10 most recent CA references citing the substance since 1967, the total number of citations to the substance in the CAplus, CA, and CAOLD files, and the total number of citations in the CA File for the non-specific derivatives.

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