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Производитель:       Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), U.S.A.
Временной охват:     1947 - настоящее время 
Объём:               более 18 599 267 документов (5/2001) 
Обновление:          еженедельно
Тип:                 библиографическая
Тематика:            биохимия, химия и химическое машиностроение
Язык:                английский
CASRNs:              да
The ZCA File is a bibliographic database covering worldwide literature from all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering from 1967 to the present. The records contain bibliographic information, in-depth substance and subject indexing, including CAS Registry Numbers (R), and abstracts, which are concise summaries of the major findings reported in the scientific literature. Abstracts published in printed Chemical Abstracts since 1967 are available online. Patent abstracts comprise about 16% of the records in the ZCA File. CAS roles are available for all indexed records.
CAplus is a more recent and more comprehensive file than the ZCA File. CAplus contains all the records included in the ZCA File plus records for recent citations that have not yet been fully indexed. In addition, CAplus contains all articles from more than 1,350 key chemical journals since October 1994, including citations for document types not covered in the ZCA File such as letters to the editor or meeting abstracts. CAplus is updated daily with new citations and weekly with indexing information. A learning file, LCA, is available.

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