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Producer: Thomsen Scientific, UK
File Size: More than 81,330 records and images (8/2004)
Updates:  Every 3-4 days
File Type: Bibliographic
Content:  International patents
Language:  English

WPIFV contains previews of the latest published patent documents in advance of their inclusion in the DWPI. Searching DWPI First View in combination with DWPI will provide users with complete and timely access to all documents issued by the patent issuing authorities covered by Thomsen Derwent.  The DWPI First View file will contain enhanced bibliographic data for all new patent documents, along with original titles, abstracts, technical drawing images, and English-language abstracts for patents from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Russia.

Highly qualified technical staff at Thomson Derwent: create DWPI First View content by

WPIFV is a rolling file with records remaining in WPIFV until the value-add has been completed by Thomson Derwent analysts. The record is then added to WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX and the corresponding WPIFV record removed.

The majority of the records in WPIFV will be for a Basic patent. Most new Equivalent patents will continue to be added directly to WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX and so will not appear in WPIFV. WPIFV will however contain records for Equivalent patents to Basics which are present in WPIFV as the value add of the Basic patent has not yet been completed. In addition WPIFV will contain a small proportion of records for Equivalent patents whose Basics are already in WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX. This is due to the timing of the sequential production process which creates the online updates for WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX and WPIFV. These Equivalents will typically remain in WPIFV for one update only before they pass into WPIDS/WPINDEX/WPIX.

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