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Producer: Thomson Scientific, UK
Coverage: 1973 to the present
File Size: More than 67,652 records (9/2004)
Updates:  Weekly
File Type: Bibliographic
Content:  Litigation pertaining to U.S. patents and trademarks
Language:  English

LitAlert® is a unique tool for researching litigation activity in U.S. patent and trademark portfolios. LitAlert includes records of IP lawsuits filed in the 94 US District Courts since 1973, as reported to the Commissioner of the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Also included are records for thousands of lawsuits filed since the early 1970s that have never been reported in the Official Gazette.

Each record in the database contains the patent number or trademark registration number and date of issue; patent title or trademark name; name(s) of inventors, owners, and assignees; and classification title and class number. Descriptive information about the specific litigation includes the court in which the action is taking place, the docket number of the class, plaintiffs and defendants, the filing date of the lawsuits, and the judgment and date, if applicable.

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